The Who

Hi! This is Prasanna (a.k.a Webplumbr).

I am an experienced web applications developer with site operations background, offering solutions and quality technical support for business and community needs. I am presently based out of Sydney, Australia.

I like solving technical problems and these days I enjoy sharing my learned experience with Junior members of the team. It is hard to limit myself to a “titled role” as I believe it is essential to understand the business problem (from a bird’s eye view) in order to arrive at a technical solution (specifics) that would be appropriate in solving the problem.

With modern technology tools and stack, most of the times the problem would have been faced by someone else and it is a matter of checking if a tool or library exists already. Now, how it is implemented and other considerations come with experience. I advocate less complicated frameworks or implementations that follow a pattern and offers predictable and repeatable approach in solving a problem.

I enjoy working in progressive minded places that value human relationship. I am committed to what I undertake and thrive well in supportive environment.

I have worked across different sized Companies, profit and non-profit, and across economies, developed ones such as US of A, New Zealand, Australia and developing ones such as India. So, I am quite comfortable working in a multi-cultural setup.

I am a person with multi-faceted interests.

I enjoy unlearning things from kids, writing about life experience, motorcycle rides, DIY fixes, movies etc. This keeps me engaged and helps me draw inspiration from different walks of life.

The What

Working with web has helped me accumulate certain skills over the years. Some might not be relevant in terms of today’s development yet the experience learnt still applies. Some relevant technology skills:

AWS Ansible Apache Docker Elastisearch Git JavaScript (ECMAScript 6) Laravel Linux Logstash Mongo DB MySQL 5.x Nginx PHP 5 PHP 7 Python 3 REST API Shell scripting Symfony Vagrant Varnish Cache

The Where

I enjoy investigating technical issues, liaising with teams, interacting with end-users, participating in product iteration based on customer feedback, automating repetitive tasks, analysing and interpreting data.


Currently I’m closed for new opportunities.

contact [at] webplumbr [dot] com