I am Prasanna Subramanian, a Senior Applications Developer / Architect with over a decade of experience on the web stack. I enjoy working with progressive minded Companies with great work culture. I am a family man and these days appreciate a decent work-life balance with flexible working hours.

Latest technologies fascinate me and I am inclined towards a role that combines a bit of hands-on stuff and technical management. I am a strong advocate of version control based development and provisioning tools.

I have worked across different sized Organizations (big & small) and can certainly see the benefits of Agile (light-footed) development practice. Large web architectures, related scalability challenges and data analysis interests me a lot!

I believe using a standardized web framework with unit/functional testing is quite critical of large application development when involving multiple developers.

Recently, I enjoyed working with Docker, Ansible, ElasticSearch and Node.js. Have worked across different work cultures and geographies. My experience spans across three different countries - the US of A, India and New Zealand.

Favourite pastime include watching World Cinema, DIY projects at home, Lego building blocks, Raspberry-Pi, Travel, street food and photography.

The average experience as a full-time employee is about 1.5 to 2 years and as a Contractor it is about 6 to 12 months.

If you are a technology driven Product Company looking for a full-time employee or a boutique software solution shop looking for a Contractor, please feel free to get in touch at contact [at] webplumbr [dot] com.

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