Hello there! Webplumbr is a Zend Certified Engineer with expertise in web application development and full-text search engines. Key technical skills include building web applications using PHP 5 object oriented model, MySQL database, Apache 2 web Server on Linux (Debian or Fedora based distribution) operating system.

Full-text search engine services can be provided as on need basis. This includes indexing millions of records (including documents in popular formats such as MS Word and PDF) and offering keyword or phrase based search. For enquiries, please refer to Contact section.


Offer reliable and committed Technical Support


Develop scalable sites that attract high volume of visitors as well as handle large amount of data


Write maintainable code and advocate the usage of version control software like Git.


Offer LAMP based training and insight in to industry best practices
Webplumbr is based out of Auckland (the city of Sails), Aoteoroa and is open to assist businesses and community.
You can get in touch with Webplumbr at contact [at] webplumbr [dot] com. You will be guaranteed a response. Please note Auckland is +12:00 GMT.